Legal Assistance

The many legal center and clinics at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles help those in need of legal assistance secure it either through pro bono representation or referral services. Loyola's centers and clinics include:

  • Alarcón Advocacy Center, which includes the Capital Habeas Litigation Clinic (pursues constitutional claims for defendants on California's death row) and the Project for the Innocent (pursues claims of actual innocence)
  • Cancer Legal Resource Center, which assists cancer patients in obtaining the services to which they are entitled
  • Capital Habeas Litigation Clinic, which pursues habease petitions, petitions for rehearing and other remedies on behalf of inmates on California's death row
  • Center for Conflict Resolution, which provides alternative dispute-resolution services and referrals
  • Center for Juvenile Law & Policy, which represents juvenile defendants in criminal cases. Its Youth Justice Education Clinic represents Los Angeles County youth in administrative matters. And the newly formed Juvenile Innocence & Fair Sentencing Clinic pursues claims of actual innocence and sentence reductions