A resume has one purpose: to persuade a prospective employer to grant you an interview. Substantively, your resume should 1) provide an overview of your academic and employment experience, and 2) distinguish you from other candidates by featuring your unique accomplishments and experience. Please refer to the samples, resources, and guidelines below.

Policies & Guidelines

All information on resumes must be presented truthfully and without misrepresentation. Grades, grade point average(s) and percentile/numeric rank must be verifiable through the Office of the Registrar and must be stated on the resume exactly as issued by the Office of the Registrar (even those ending in .00). All student resumes must conform to the policies of the Office of Career Services.


Class Rank

  • Once a year at the end of the Spring semester, the Office of the Registrar determines G.P.A. cutoffs for the top 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 40%, and 50% of each class, by division.
  • Only students in the top 5% are ranked numerically (e.g. #7 of 416).
  • Students who include class ranks on their resumes can only use the cumulative and annual rankings issued by the Registrar.  Rankings may not be altered based on subsequent Summer or Fall semester grades.  Students may list a prior year's rank if it is identified by the date of the Spring semester issued (e.g., Top 50% Annual Ranks as of Spring 2012). 
  • Students may list class rank without listing the corresponding G.P.A. provided they identify (1) indicate whether it is their cumulative or annual rank and (2) identify the corresponding term (e.g. Top 50% Cumulative as of Spring 2013).


  • The Office of the Registrar provides G.P.A.s as follows:
    • Term: A calculation for each separate term: Fall, Spring or Summer.
    • Annual: A calculation for an academic year which combines Summer, Fall and Spring (the Summer included is the one preceding the Fall and Spring semesters).
    • Cumulative: A calculation of all grades to date.
  • Students may list any term, annual or cumulative G.P.A. so long as the G.P.A is identified by the term and year (for term and cumulative G.P.A.s) or by the academic year (for annual G.P.A.s).

G.P.A. With Rank

If students choose to list their class rank, they may also choose to list the corresponding Spring cumulative G.P.A., especially if they wish to indicate the proximity of their G.P.A. to a particular rank cutoff. Students must ascertain their correct percentile ranking based on G.P.A. cut-offs as published by the Registrar. Rank may be indicated in one of the four ways shown below:

Assuming a cumulative G.P.A. as of Spring 2013 for a student is 3.21 and the top 25% G.P.A. cutoff is 3.25, the student may:

  • Indicate rank and corresponding Spring term without the corresponding Spring cumulative G.P.A.

Top 30% Culmative as of Spring 2013

  • Indicate G.P.A. and the specific percentile in which it falls:

Cumulative G.P.A. as of Spring 2013 - 3.21/Top 30%

  • Indicate G.P.A. and the percentile cutoff closest to it regardless of whether the G.P.A. is within or below the percentile:

Cumulative G.P.A. as of Spring 2013 : 3.21
Top 25% = 3.25

  • Indicate G.P.A and the number of points it falls away from a percentile cutoff:

Cumulative G.P.A. as of Spring 2013 - 3.21
(within .04 of top 25%)

The Top 25% G.P.A. cutoff used here is for example purposes only. It is not to be used as a guide in determining a student's percentile rank.

1L (1D/2E) Mid-Year G.P.A./Grades

  • All information on resumes must be presented truthfully and without misrepresentation. Any grades, G.P.A.s, and percentile/numeric ranks displayed on the resume must be official and can only be those issued by the Registrar's Office. Honors, awards and memberships will be verified through the Registrar.
  • The Registrar provides a G.P.A. for all courses in which you receive a final grade at the end of the fall term. This will be identified on your transcript as the "term" G.P.A. NOTE: If the "G.P.A." consists of only one final grade, it is recommended that you list it as a final course grade rather than as a G.P.A.
  • If students choose to list a term G.P.A. on their resumes, it 1) must be identified by the semester and year and 2) must be labeled "Term G.P.A."

Fall 2012 Term G.P.A. - 3.45

  • Final course grades as issued by the Registrar for individual courses may be listed on the resume.  Students may select the courses for which they wish to display final grades.  Course grades may not be displayed on the resume until students have received notification by our office that the information on the Student Web Services (SWS) may be used for resume purposes.  
  • Grades received on papers, quizzes and mid-terms or any grades received in a course other than the final grade may also be displayed on the resume so long as the final grade is displayed.  Midterm grades alone may be displayed prior to issuances of a final grade.  Students may select the course(s) for which they wish to display such grades.  If such grades have been normalized, only the normalized grade can be displayed.  If grades have not been normalized, they must be identified as non-normalized grades on the resume.
  • Please note that any error or misrepresentation on student resumes, no matter how small or unintentional, will result in a cost to students (of redoing resumes) as well as, perhaps, a professional one (inquiries by employers, loss of employment opportunities, and damage to professional reputation). Students are therefore encouraged to have resumes reviewed before final printing if there is any question about how grade or G.P.A. information may be displayed. Any questions regarding resume policies should be directed to our office prior to finalizing resumes.

Other Resume Policies

  • Those students who did not carry a full load during the first year are not ranked at the end of that year. These students may display the cumulative G.P.A. given to them by the Registrar, but must also note on the resume that they are not currently ranked.

Cumulative G.P.A. as of Spring 2013: 3.21
(not currently ranked due to partial load)

  • First year students who carry a partial load as a result of a disability accommodation which has been granted by the Committee on Disability Issues are permitted to be ranked along with their first year class and need not note "partial load" on the resume.
  • Students who transfer between divisions effective with the Fall semester (e.g., Evening to Day) may not associate their most recent Spring cumulative G.P.A. with the corresponding rank of the division. If rank is displayed, it must be the rank of the old division.

Any questions regarding resume policies should be directed to the Office of Career Services prior to finalizing a resume.