Judicial Clerkships

Please click ‌here‌ if you are a Loyola Law School graduate seeking judicial clerkship information. Judicial clerkships are post-graduate positions. To learn more about judicial externships, please click here.

Clerking for a judge can be an invaluable and exciting experience. As a clerk, you will have an opportunity to assist a judge with all aspects of the judicial process. You will conduct legal research, write memoranda, draft opinions, observe judicial proceedings and sit in on conferences. In doing so, you will gain an understanding of the legal process which can only be learned by working as a judge or as a part of a "judge’s chambers." It is a truly unique opportunity to have an impact on the law.

Federal Clerkship
State Clerkship
Judicial Clerkship Research Tools

Federal Clerkship

The federal clerkship application process is extremely competitive. Candidates should be in the top 20% of their class and members of law review.  Teacher or research assistant experience, externship experience, and significant prior work experience are required. Applicants must also obtain top letters of recommendation from faculty and previous employers. Please read the Overview of Federal Judicial Clerkships and Federal Clerkships for more information. If you are competitive for a clerkship, contact Professor Aimee Dudovitz and Professor Jessica Levinson for guidance on resume design and application preparation.


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State Clerkship

Students interested in a state clerkship can watch the State Court Clerkship Panel event recording (from 10/23/12). Those with questions may contact Assistant Director for Career Services Brooke Loesby.

Employment Opportunities

Judicial Clerkship Research Tools

Several of the hard copy resources listed below are available in the Office of Career Services and/or the Rains Library. 

Researching Judges

Clerkship Advice