Career Services Policies


All information on resumes must be presented truthfully and without misrepresentation. Grades, grade point average(s) and percentile/numeric rank must be verifiable through the Office of the Registrar and must be stated on the resume exactly as issued by the Office of the Registrar (even those ending in .00). Honors, awards and memberships on one's resume may be verified through the Registrar's Office.


The Office of Career Services at Loyola Law School Los Angeles offers reciprocal use of specific resources to students and graduates of ABA accredited law schools on the following bases:

Location of School:

  • Reciprocity is offered to law schools located outside of the Los Angeles metropolitan area in selected major metropolitan areas (please contact our office for areas). 
  • Reciprocity is not offered to students or alumni of Los Angeles County or Orange County law schools.


  • A letter requesting reciprocity must be received at least one week in advance from a representative of the Career Services Office at the requesting individual’s law school. 
  • Reciprocity is granted on a "one for one" basis.
  • Due to the large volume of requests made by other law schools, students/graduates are requested to call (213) 736-1150 prior to their visit to ensure that reciprocity has been granted.
  • Students/graduates should bring some form of photo identification.
  • Reciprocity will be denied if the requesting school has made multiple requests without providing reciprocal services to a Loyola graduate or student in the interim.


  • 2L/3L students and graduates.


  • Loyola Law School will offer the same services, within the same parameters of the requesting law school provided that they do not conflict with the restrictions outlined below.


  • Counseling and on-campus interviews are not available.
  • Continuous reciprocity is not available. Only one request per student/graduate per academic year will be granted. If an imbalance with the requesting school occurs, reciprocity will be denied until there is balance.
  • Reciprocity is suspended during OCI programs (August 1 to November 15, February 1 to March 1).
  • Reciprocity is granted for only one ABA-accredited school per visit in the Los Angeles area.
  • Loyola Law School reserves the right to refuse or rescind privileges/services at any time.

Open Reciprocity:

  • Loyola Law School maintains open reciprocity with the University of San Francisco, University of San Diego and Santa Clara University. Students and graduates of these schools do not require a letter from their career services office, but should call our office in advance. Blackout periods during the OCI programs will still apply.

For reciprocity questions, please contact Senior Career Services Assistant Angela Winzey at