Placement and Career Opportunities

Loyola's Tax LLM program takes a personalized approach to helping students find jobs that meet their career goals.  Most Tax LLM students find their jobs by taking advantage of Loyola's extensive connections in the tax community.  Prospective employers of all types often contact Loyola's tax professors to ask for recommendations of strong candidates.  Professor Kowal, the program's full-time director, spends considerable effort trying to match the Tax LLM students with the right career opportunities, depending on their interests.  She meets with each graduating student to target potential employers who meet the student's individual career goals in terms of type of work, type of employer, salary, and location, and then works with the other tax faculty and Loyola's connections in the tax community to recommend students for positions. 

Brooke Loesby, Assistant Director of Career Services at the law school, and others in the Office of Career Services ("OCS") also assist Tax LLM students with their job searches.  For example, OCS helps students participating in the Tax LLM Job Fair, a program jointly sponsored by the four Tax LLM programs located in California: Loyola; Golden Gate; Chapman; and University of San Diego.  The Tax LLM Job Fair is held at the annual meeting of the Taxation Section of the California State Bar.  Prospective employers solicit student resumes and notify students they would like to interview at the annual meeting.  Tax LLM students also can participate in Loyola's On Campus Interviewing program.

Recent Tax LLM graduates are employed by small and large law firms, small and large accounting firms, the Internal Revenue Service, universities, and companies.  Many of our graduates have obtained full-time, tax related jobs by the time they have graduated from the program, and until the recent economic downturn, nearly all graduates had obtained such employment within about 3-6 months following their graduation.

The career resources available to the Tax LL.M. students at Loyola are excellent. In addition to the formal services available, Loyola’s informal network is invaluable. The professors here are connected to the legal community locally and nationally, with many of them currently in practice.  From day one at Loyola, I felt that they made my career a priority.  That kind of personal attention coupled with outstanding resources has made choosing the Tax LL.M. program at Loyola my best career move to date.
JD, Boston University, Loyola Tax LLM, class of 2007

My LLM from Loyola was invaluable in securing a position in tax.  Not only did my connections through the program lead to several interviews, but within a month after graduation one of those interviews led to an offer from my number one choice firm at a competitive salary.
JD, USC Law School, Loyola Tax LLM 2006

Through the faculty and alumni, the LLM opened up diverse and interesting job opportunities.  Their guidance and support made the [job-hunting] process less stressful.
JD, Whittier Law School, Loyola Tax LLM, class of 2007

Professor Kowal has many connections to the tax community throughout Los Angeles and its surrounding areas and really advocates her students for positions. Firms who are looking to hire actually initiate contact with her and she passes the opportunity along to students.  Professor Kowal put me in touch with my current firm barely two weeks after I mentioned I was looking. Thanks to her & the LLM program, I have an ideal work situation close to home and with great benefits.
JD, Loyola Law School, Loyola Tax LLM, class of 2007