Examination Software (Examsoft)

How To

SofTest Video Demonstrations

Each link below will direct you to a training video that will demonstrate how to use SofTest on Windows or Mac. Each training video has a run time of approximately 6 - 10 minutes.  Adobe Flash Player is required to view these videos.  The topics cover are:

    1. Windows - Essay
    2. Windows - Multiple Choice
    3. Mac - Essay
    4. Mac - Multiple Choice
    5. Bar Exam Overview

To view these instructional videos, click here or copy and paste http://learn.examsoft.com/exam-taker-demo-videos into the address bar in your web browser. 


Note: Please be advised that iPads are not allowed for taking examinations at the law school.   


If you experience technical difficulty with software, call ExamSoft Support at 866-429-8889 (option #3), Monday - Friday, from 8:30AM to 5:30PM (EST). You should have your computer with you as well as an active internet connection before calling ExamSoft as their customer support technician may need to connect to your machine to diagnose and resolve your problem.