Home Base Immigration Clinic

The Home Base Immigration Clinic focuses on providing representation to individuals who are unable to obtain immigration legal services elsewhere with an emphasis on immigrants with criminal convictions located in the East Los Angeles area, specifically the constituents of Dolores Mission and Homeboy Industries. 

Participation in the clinic exposes students to the lawyering and advocacy skills necessary to be an effective immigrants’ rights attorney and teaches students about both substantive and procedural law as it relates to clients’ cases. The clinic also gives students the opportunity to reflect on the lawyer’s role in direct representation and community-based legal advocacy through reading, classroom discussion and written assignments. Students will attend class once a week and will also hold office hours 8-10 hours a week, wherein they will complete their casework.

The need is great. Families with mixed-immigration status make up more than 50 percent of Los Angeles residents. The clinic hosts weekly community-intake events at Dolores Mission Church and Homeboy Industries in addition to workshops with criminal defense lawyers on hand for people seeking legal advice. 

Dolores Mission Church provides a quality education for indigent children at the elementary school and a place of worship and hope for its parishioners of Boyle Heights. Homeboy Industries helps former gang-involved men and women start a new life by giving free services such as tattoo removal, substance-abuse counseling and employment services.  


Students who complete Immigration Law or who are concurrently enrolled in Immigration Law during the 2013 fall semester are eligible to apply to take this course.  

Accepted students are required to enroll in both the 2013 fall and 2014 spring semester and may not increase or decrease the number of units for the course.