How to Enroll in an Externship

Congratulations on securing your externship. Enrollment is a simple procedure and this protocol will walk you through it.

If you are enrolling in an off campus externship in judicial chambers, a government agency, or a public interest law firm, here are the steps:

  1. You may not enroll in these placements through SWS. Camille Toomer, the Externship Department administrative assistant, is the only person who can provide a course number for your enrollment.

  2.  Go on the Externship website and click on the “forms” tab. Complete an application. Complete a contact sheet. Add a copy of your resume.

  3. You may either bring these forms into the Externship Department, Founders Hall 240, or you may email them to With this email, let Ms. Toomer know how many units you plan to take for this externship. Each unit = 52 hours, or four hours per week over a 13 week semester. If you plan to be at your placement for 16 hours per week, then you would enroll for four units.  If you plan to be at your placement for 24 hours per week (three 8 hour days) then you will enroll for six units. You may also enroll for 3 units or 5 units if that is something your supervising attorney or clerk agrees to.

  4.  When Camille gets your paperwork, she will email you an online course on “Ethics, Professionalism and Course Requirements.” You must complete this course and verify completion to Camille before she will enroll you. When you complete the course, she will add your externship.

Because it may take a week or so for you to send the paperwork and complete the online course, we usually recommend that you enroll in a full slate of classes as soon as registration begins. When you are ready to enroll in your externship, Camille will assist you to drop the classes you wish to drop when she enrolls you.

If you wish to enroll in the Disability Rights Center, the Cancer Legal Resource Center, the Hobbs Trial Advocacy program, the Semester in Practice, the Private Law Firm Placement program or any program other than the off campus program described above, you must contact the faculty member in charge of the program for enrollment procedures.