The Center For Conflict Resolution

The Center For Conflict Resolution (The Center), a community-based mediation program, has served over 40,000 Los Angeles County residents since 1993, providing bilingual (English/Spanish) conflict resolution training and mediation services, including telephone conciliation and large group facilitation services. These services are provided by professional mediators alongside Loyola Law School students. The Center has 300 to 500 cases pending, which come directly from members of the community and from social, government and legal services agencies. While The Center provides these services in virtually any type of conflict where the parties are willing to participate, specialty areas include: consumer-debt, disability, divorce, employment, family, landlord-tenant,  and victim- youth offender cases. If you are interested in our services and would like more information, click here.  If you are a Loyola Law School student interested in opportunities at The Center, click here.