Service Opportunities

Centinela Youth Services, Inc. (Victim/Juvenile Offender Mediation)

Conducts a juvenile offender diversion program called "Victim Offender Restitution Services" (VORS) that brings a juvenile offender and the victim together for dialog, the offender's apology and a restitution agreement, which is closely monitored to assure performance. This project includes:

  • Mediation training followed by services as a VORS mediator.
  • A research internship to study VORS's effectiveness in reducing juvenile crime.
  • Service as a convener of VORS mediations.

Fair Sentencing for Youth Project

Advocates legislative changes in the penal code to end extreme sentences for persons who were convicted of crime in their youth. This project includes:

  • Interviewing men and women who are serving life sentences for crimes committed in youth.
  • Advocating in support of legislation that will change California law and end extreme sentences for youth.

Parole Project for Suitable Offenders

Assisting Attorney Barbara Dunn, a 1976 Loyola Law School alumna, who represents men and women convicted of crimes who have demonstrated suitability for parole during their time in prison. This project entails:

  • Assisting at parole board and court hearings.
  • Reviewing files and transcripts.
  • Interviewing clients.
  • Writing memoranda and briefs, etc.

Victims' Rights Project

A program for victims and survivors of crime to aid their healing and to assist them in obtaining compensation. These projects include:

  • Advocating for a victim's rights in a criminal case under the supervision of a practicing attorney.
  • Assisting with organizing and conducting healing circles for victims and survivors of crime.