Patent/Tech Requirements

A minimum of 16 units of qualifying courses is required for the IP Concentration. For students in the Patent & Technology Sub-Concentration, 12 of the 16 units must be taken from the courses listed below. The remaining 4 units must be taken from courses listed in the list of qualifying courses for the IP Concentration.  Some of the courses are required (R) for the sub-concentration.  At least one starred course (*) must be taken in each category.  

Core Courses (6-9 units)i

  • Copyright Law (3)
  • Trademark Law (3)
  • Patent Law (3) (R)
  • Antitrust Law (3)ii
  • IP Research Methods (0)iii (R)

Key Electives (3-9 units)

  • Administrative Law or (Intro to Admin Law) (3)iv
  • Federal Courts (3)
  • Internet Law (Cyber Law) (2) (*)
  • Introduction to Intellectual Property (3)v
  • IP Licensing/Transactions (2)vi (*)
  • Patent Litigation (2) (*)

Other Electives (3-6 units)

  • Business Planning: Financing the Start-Up Business & Venture Capital Financing (3)
  • Cybercrime (2) (*)
  • Digital Media and the Law (2) (*)
  • International Trade (3)
  • Technology & Privacy (3) (*)

Experiential Opportunity (1 required)

  • Federal Court Externship - Patent Pilot Program (*)
  • Giles Rich Patent Moot Court Team (2) (*)
  • Patent/Tech-related IP Externship/Internship (2) (*)
  • IP Honors Colloquium (2) (*)
  • Patent Prosecution Practicum (3) (*)
  • USPTO Patent Experience Extern Program (0-6)vii (*)

iAll sub-concentration students must take Patent Law and at least one of the other core courses (Antitrust, Copyright, Trademark), plus complete the IP Research Methods course.  They must also complete the minimum number of units within each category.  Units beyond a category maximum will not count toward concentration requirements.

iiAny of the Antitrust electives may substitute for this course.  Only 1 Antitrust class can be counted toward the concentration.  Global Antitrust has also been offered as Comparative Antitrust some semesters.

iiiThis is currently structured as a non-credit course, but may be upgraded to a 1-unit course in the future.  It is required of all IP concentration and sub-concentration students.

ivThis course may be taken either as a 1st year elective or upper-level course, but not both.

vThis course may be taken either as a 1st year elective or upper-level course, but not both.   It may not be taken after completion of Copyright, Patent or Trademark Law.

viAlternatively offered as Licensing & Technology Transfer

viiThis externship is offered only at the US Patent & Trademark Office, in Alexandria, VA.  Students can earn up to 6 credit units for successful completion.