Courses of Study

How is a Course of Study different from a Concentration?

Loyola Law School's curriculum is rich and diverse, with a broad array of faculty members recognized as national leaders in their respective fields.  To help students navigate the vast offerings, Concentration Programs and Courses of Study were developed.  

Concentrations are programs with specific requirements, assigned faculty advisers, alumni networking opportunities and the opportunity for formal recognition upon completion. Courses of Study provide a means for students to organize class selection, find faculty members with expertise, become informed about experiential opportunities and connect with alumni in the relevant area.  

The Courses of Study are more informal than the established Concentrations -- there are no requirements for any particular Course of Study, and they will not be designated as such on Loyola transcripts.  Instead, they supplement the more formal Concentrations by helping students with particular subject-matter, methodological or jurisprudential interests structure their path through law school and into their future careers.